Flexible office products available to you any time wherever you are.

WEPLUS provides the most convenient office location at the center of the city, satisfying all your office needs.

Open Space

We have removed all partition walls in the office, as an open view frees people’s imagination. Working in an open space, you will have a better experience of communicating and cooperating with others.

Private Office

We can provide customized solutions to your team, ranging from 4 to 100 members. An independent office guarantees better privacy protection and promotes team culture construction.

Meeting Room

Whether it is a one-to-one interview, a weekly meeting, a regular board meeting, a teleconference, or a transoceanic video conference, WEPLUS have prepared comfortable conference rooms and supporting service for each case.

Event Area

At the core area of cities, we have prepared exclusive venues for all kinds of activities able to accommodate 30-500 people, and value-adding services such as voice boxes, projection equipment, tables, chairs, tea break facilities, etc.

Co-Working Space

This is a platform providing service of office space renting for entrepreneurs.
It supplies unique and considerate services to pioneering enterprises.

Beijing WEPLUS

Beijing attracts the most talented young people in China. People love Beijing because it has endless possibilities.

Shanghai WEPLUS

Shanghai is a metropolis invedsted with foreign adventurers, and is referred to as “the city of magic”. The development of this city is at a staggering speed. Now it is full of high-rise buildings; there is also the unique French Concession. People love Shanghai, because it is the most inclusive city in China.

Guangzhou WEPLUS

The only people in China that eat their breakfast like a formal banquet are those from Yangcheng, as know as Guangzhou. People from Guangzhou are fond of eating, and they are also adventurous. People love this city, because it is energetic.

Hangzhou WEPLUS

Ever since Jack Ma founded the Alibaba corporation by the bank of the West lake, the idea of start-ups has been penetrated into everyone’s mind. The increasing popularity of Alipay has made this city one of the few places within which people can hangout without cash. And more importantly, in Hangzhou, car drivers would always politely let pedestrians cross the road first.


Suzhou is a heaven on earth. From Classical garden to Eslite Bookstore building, from ancient times to the human aura, everything is gathered by this gentle land.

Qingdao WEPLUS

After the Olympic Games, the significance of Qingdao goes beyond Shandong Province and is up to the national level. It has evolved from a small fishing village in to a national economic city that cannot be ignored.


This is a quasi-first-tier city. From the city museum to the public park, landmarks are pleasing to the eye. Even more unusual is that Ningbo is a typical region of rivers and lakes and a harbor city.

Helsinki WEPLUS

WEPLUS has a wonderful location at the beautiful old Cable Factory, which today is the largest creative hub in Europe.


Adjacent to the Green Holiday Hotel, Green Pico International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zheng Da Bin Fen City and other well-known buildings and shopping district. Within the space, you can overlook the panoramic view of the capital city of thirteen empires, Xi’an .

Shenzhen WEPLUS

Shenzhen is the first special economic zone established during China's reform and opening up, and serves as the window of China. It has developed into a influential international city, created the world-renowned "Shenzhen speed", and earned reputation of the “city of design”, “city of piano” and the “city of entrepreneurs”.


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WEPLUS Space applications

This is a service platform that provides office space leasing for entrepreneurs.
Provide entrepreneurial firms with personalized industrial meticulous services.


These companies are all immersed in WEPLUS.

In the era that has no lack of creativity, the real doers who are willing to roll up their sleeves are in lack instead.

But in WEPLUS joint office, I witness more and more doers

Cambrian Venture Capital, Founder

Customers need a space. What they consider more is to how much wisdom, service concept and responsibility you paid.

Choose WEPLUS, never regret.

Morgen Design, VP
Park 闵允雍康

Find a satisfying work space is not easy , thanks to WEPLUS, the entrepreneurial trip of Showmecode Technology set sail from here.

Showmecode Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Hearsay Founder
Fenng 冯大辉

Only by taking entrepreneurship as a adventure, in which struggle is enjoyed, can we feel the fun in it.

WEPLUS joint office, happens to be the gathering place of adventurers.

Recluse master
Lamy 张帆

Work together with more And more colleagues who have entrepreneurial passion, and are full of energy in the WEPLUS joint office. Every day is efficient and practical.

In addition, I can also have face to face consultation with investors. They have answered my doubts, which is a great point.

Bopu Science

I can feel efficient office and comfortable experience In WEPLUS . The humanization design and care that are very intimate, make entrepreneurship full of warmth.

POSPi Founder&CEO

In WEPLUS, I can be steadfast, peace in mind when working; WEPLUS provides people with the feeling of warm and cordial.

Sicily Culture Medium CEO
Ava 朱玟羽

The brand you trust, all trust WEPLUS.

More than 1000 brands have chosen WEPLUS, including real estate, creativity, internet, technology, media and education in multiple fields.