Stay With Me —— 100 Chairs Design

As the famous artist Yves Klein once said, “I had left the visible, physical ...

Update time: 2018-07-04


This Office is “TSA Pre-checked” | China’s First Airport Travel Town

Anyone who has traveled by plane knows that the long line at the security che...

Update time: 2018-07-04


New Space | WEPLUS Chengdu Cultural Highlands Space Opens

Another new WEPLUS space has been officially launched in Chengdu on Dec 29th,...

Update time: 2018-01-09



On 20th November, WEPLUS attended the event of Commercial Real Estate & R...

Update time: 2018-01-05


Awards: WE+ has won CESS 2017 BEST CO-WORKING SPACE Prize

WEPLUS attended China Entrepreneurship Service Summit (CESS) and was awarded ...

Update time: 2018-01-05


WEPLUS Established Alliance with FINNAIR

The partnership of Finnair and China's leading coworking space operator WEPLU...

Update time: 2018-01-05


Vice Director of Employment and Income Distribution of NDRC, Chang Tiewei and his delegation visits WEPLUS Cowork Space

AbstractTo carry out 《Implementation Proposal on Income Increase of Urban Res...

Update time: 2017-06-11

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Innovation丨WEPLUS Cowok Co-Founder He Shanheng’s Exploration

He ShanhengHe Shanheng 1983: Born in the US.2015: Co-founded WEPLUSNow WEPLUS...

Update time: 2017-06-11

Keywords: He Shanheng、 Innovation

Hundun University Curricular WEPLUS Cowork Fans Bonus| You can't miss out on Data Driving Market

Data Driving MarketThe founder of Hangzhou Big Course and Miaozhen System as ...

Update time: 2017-06-09

Keywords: Hundun University、 WEPLUS Cowork

【Office Topic Collection】If you boss is a cat?

I once saw  an interesting comic by chance---The adventure of business cat. T...

Update time: 2017-06-08

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WEPLUS Liu Yanshen :“Rent of Cowork is not important”is a false proposition

On 3rd June, “ New space, new service, new finance” real estate stock asset o...

Update time: 2017-06-03

Keywords: Liu Yanshen

WEPLUS Ningbo Cowork丨Double-floor space under 「Michelin」,「Michelin」in your office

In Ningbo, there is a 「Michelin Restaurant」-- Minge of Longham Hotel, which i...

Update time: 2017-06-02

Keywords: Ningbo Cowork Space、 Culture Square Office

Respond to “Belt & Road” strategy First Euro-Asia Business Forum held in WEPLUS Finland Cowork Space

On 17th May, 2017, the first Euro-Asia Business Forum was held in WEPLUS Finl...

Update time: 2017-06-01

Keywords: "Belt & Road" WEPLUS Finland

First domestic Cowork brand goes global Launch ceremony of WEPLUS Helsinki Space

On 16th May,2017, launching ceremony of WEPLUS Helsinki Cowork space & la...

Update time: 2017-06-01

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How to add Trump on Wechat?

 In 1929, Hungarian writer Frigyes Karminthy mentioned the idea of “six degre...

Update time: 2016-11-17

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WEPLUS Personality | He Feifei:Rise of an unofficial figure

Suzhou Women’s Circle is an unofficial account that covers 150,000 female fan...

Update time: 2016-11-14

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