WEPLUS Ningbo Cowork丨Double-floor space under 「Michelin」,「Michelin」in your office


In Ningbo, there is a 「Michelin Restaurant」-- Minge of Longham Hotel, which is a sibling Michelin restaurant.

This restaurant is right downstairs.
Two floors of up to 4000 ㎡
Starting from the building
It’s been empty
Nice months ago
It was out of order
▲ Before decoration

But now
After modern office decoration
It became Ningbo Culture Square Space of a Cowork space
Ningbo Culture Square Space

Ningbo Culture Square is located in New Town of East—— inter-cross ofEast Zhongshan Road and North Heqing Road 

Why do we say so?
 Start from space,
A few hundred meters’ walk from municipal hall
West to Hongtai Mall
Developer Hongtai once developed 101 Building of Taipei
North to Hankyu Department Store (under construction)
Bring in flagship store of world-class brand Prada
East to Yintai Town to be opened
Only one inter-cross away from office
「Ningbo 7/24 bookstore」 Ningbo City Bookstore
It will be finished within one years and open to people.

Politics, business circle, culture and life 
In this great geographical location,
 「WEPLUS」has built up a Cowork space with remarkable looks 
Ningbo Culture Square Space

The old two-storey space 
Big and dark 
To build a bright and open space 
Designer adopts a large amount of French windows made of glass 
Natural light brings a pure sense of liberty to space 
As summer draws nearer...
「landscape outside window」becomes more and more charming 
▲ Before decoration
▲ After decoration
Designers apply a large amount of glass partitions to individual office and meeting room .
The sense of penetration in expanded space

▲ In the middle of decoration
▲ Initial image of the space
The Room for multi-people after decoration
The Room for multi-people after decoration
The Room for multi-people after decoration
The Room for multi-people after decoration
Meeting Room

Building individual office space for teams of various size 
Open cubicle are on 2nd floor is more suited to office work of individuals and mini team
Before decoration
Work Station
Work Station
Work Station
Apart from necessary office facilities ,Cowork Space can satisfy interpersonal communication. 

 In multi-functional hall on 1st floor
With an attendance of up to 200 people
Forum exchange, lecture sharing, collective activities……
So it becomes a good spot for various activities/ theme forum.
Before decoration
After decoration
Having lectures and sharing activities
Top Ace Theme Forum
Interesting flea markets in China and foreign countries

The wall in the hall can be used as a gallery.

There is a café at the entrance of 1st floor 
Tasty coffee and hand-made café are available most of the time 
Cake maker is pretty carefree 
Eat whatever he wants 
Interesting coffee DIY experience
Coffee DIY experience
Coffee DIY experience

Individual Japanese private fitness room in space 
Handsome Japanese trainer puts shared bicycle and treadmill 
Near French windows 
What’s more 
Theirs is a shower room in fitness room 
Sweet enough?

Dynamic bike and treadmill

Balconies on 1st and 2nd floor 
Best for a moon nap and relaxation 



You may take a noon nap on the stairs 
You may be a settling team in the small-sized shared space 

▲ In the middle of decoration
▲ After decoration
▲ After decoration
Teams chected-in the Space
In the middle of glass
Discussion & Brainstorming
Rest areas

There are many public rest areas in space
It brings modern aesthetics and work experiences to space partners
Rest areas

On top of that 
As the number of settling partners increases 
Multiple possibilities of space will be unlocked 
In this space 
What you feel 
Is not an office 
But mutual creation and experience 
A new work & social experience & lifestyle  

Rest areas
Rest areas
 Price per cubicle:  

Open cubicle: 800 RMB/ Cubicle/ Month 
2-people cubicle: 850 RMB/ Cubicle/ Month 
Individual Office (6-20 people): at least 6000/Month 

 Address of Ningbo Culture Square:  
Gate 3, Building 2, Section I, Ningbo Culture Square, NO.2111 East Zhongshan Road, Jinzhou District ( Right to Langham Hotel) 
Space Consultation/ Visit Booking:183-1296-3160/bycicle/treadmill/balcony/rest area

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