WEPLUS There are 7 office spaces in BEIJING.

Beijing attracts the most talented young people in China. People love Beijing because it has endless possibilities.

WEPLUS Beijing POSCO Center

Floor 23/25, Block B, Posco Center, Wang Jing Hong Tai East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
15-55 people €1/㎡/d
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WEPLUS Beijing SanYuan Bridge

Chaoyang District, Beijing Xiaguan Lane 66, the first branch of the ocean trunk line D
1-200 people €1,021.7/month
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Beijing D9X Wang Jing

B301, Wangjing SOHO Tower 1, Chaoyang District, Beijing
1-200 people €152.8/month
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Beijing D9X Olympic Sports Center

Beijing Martial Art Association North Hall, No.3 Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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Beijing Studio Coffizz

Church Square, annex building, Wangfujing Street No.74, Dongcheng District, Beijing
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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Beijing D9X Dream Lab

Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing Fashion Design Plaza C11 Jia Yi New Product
1-200 people €1,500.0/month
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WEPLUS CoWork Beijing Guanghua Road SOHO Phase II

Chaoyang District, Beijing, Guanghua Road No.9, Guanghua Road SOHO Phase 2 Building A third floor 306-308
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 11 office spaces in SHANGHAI.

Shanghai is a metropolis invedsted with foreign adventurers, and is referred to as “the city of magic”. The development of this city is at a staggering speed. Now it is full of high-rise buildings; there is also the unique French Concession. People love Shanghai, because it is the most inclusive city in China.

WEPLUS Shanghai Central District Square

Unit 10, Huangpo North Road No. 227, Huangpu District, Shanghai
1-50 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Huaihai Road Community

5th Floor, Admiralty Square, No. 98 Huaihai Zhong Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
1-400 people €2,300.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai SH-Pharm Xintiandi Space

Shanghai Huangpu District Taicang Road No.200, Shanghai Pharm New Building,the 21st floor
1-100 people €2,000.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Pujiang Science and Technology Square

Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone, No. 2388 Chen Xing Road, Pujiang Science and Technology Plaza, Block 5, 11 floor
1-300 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Daning

Shanghai Yuncheng Road No.265, 3-5 Floor (near Yichuan Road)
1-100 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Jing'an Kangding Square

3 F, Yicai Building, 1018 Kangding Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
1-150 people €1,500.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Xuhui Caohejing

Hongmei Road Xu Hui District, Shanghai, Yuan Zhong Industrial Park 4 Phase, Building 2, 3-6F
1-250 people €1,300.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Fudu Square

Dongfang Road,Pudong New Area,Shanghai, No.1369, Fudu Plaza, 5th floor
1-500 people €1,500.0/month
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WEPLUS CoWork Shanghai Chuangzhi

Shanghai Yangpu District Zhengli Road 500, Building 7, 3rd Floor
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Fuxing Park

1-300 people €2,500.0/month
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WEPLUS Shanghai Changning 88 Center

上海市长宁区长宁路88号 长宁88中心6楼
1-300 people €2,200.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 2 office spaces in HANGZHOU.

Ever since Jack Ma founded the Alibaba corporation by the bank of the West lake, the idea of start-ups has been penetrated into everyone’s mind. The increasing popularity of Alipay has made this city one of the few places within which people can hangout without cash. And more importantly, in Hangzhou, car drivers would always politely let pedestrians cross the road first.

WEPLUS Hangzhou Shuangcheng International

Jianghan Road 1785 Shuangcheng International Block 2 Unit 2
1-800 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS Hangzhou Xixi Paradise

Hangzhou, West Lake District, Zijingang Road, No.21st, Xixi Paradise International Tourism Complex No.16, 16-34
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 1 office spaces in SUZHOU.

Suzhou is a heaven on earth. From Classical garden to Eslite Bookstore building, from ancient times to the human aura, everything is gathered by this gentle land.

WEPLUS Suzhou Yuan Rong Times Square

Suzhou City Industrial Park Huachi Street Times Square Block 24 SIFC Building, 7th Floor
1-450 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 1 office spaces in QINGDAO.

After the Olympic Games, the significance of Qingdao goes beyond Shandong Province and is up to the national level. It has evolved from a small fishing village in to a national economic city that cannot be ignored.

WEPLUS Qingdao Shangshi Industrial Investment Center

Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Hong Kong East Road, No. 195, Shanghai Industrial Investment Center, Building 3, 3 floor
1-300 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 1 office spaces in NINGBO.

This is a quasi-first-tier city. From the city museum to the public park, landmarks are pleasing to the eye. Even more unusual is that Ningbo is a typical region of rivers and lakes and a harbor city.

WEPLUS Ningbo NB-Cultural Square

No.311, Zhongshan East Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China Ningbo International Plaza A1-103-1-2 + A1-202 shops
1-100 people €800.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 1 office spaces in HELSINKI.

WEPLUS has a wonderful location at the beautiful old Cable Factory, which today is the largest creative hub in Europe.

WEPLUS Helsinki

Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki
1-300 people €720.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 1 office spaces in XIAN.

Adjacent to the Green Holiday Hotel, Green Pico International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zheng Da Bin Fen City and other well-known buildings and shopping district. Within the space, you can overlook the panoramic view of the capital city of thirteen empires, Xi’an .

WEPLUS Xi'an Greenfield Center

Xi'an High-tech Zone, Jinye Road No. 1, Greenfield Center 31F/32F
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 2 office spaces in GUANGZHOU.

The only people in China that eat their breakfast like a formal banquet are those from Yangcheng, as know as Guangzhou. People from Guangzhou are fond of eating, and they are also adventurous. People love this city, because it is energetic.

WEPLUS CoWork Guangzhou Fu Li Ying Kai Plaza

Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China on the 16th Road, Fu Li Ying Kai Plaza, 2207
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS CoWork Guangzhou 289 Artistic Creative Park

Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Road 289
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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WEPLUS There are 1 office spaces in SHENZHEN.

Shenzhen is the first special economic zone established during China's reform and opening up, and serves as the window of China. It has developed into a influential international city, created the world-renowned "Shenzhen speed", and earned reputation of the “city of design”, “city of piano” and the “city of entrepreneurs”.

WEPLUS CoWork Shenzhen Yi Hua Financial Technology Building

Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Houhai Avenue, No.2388 1501-1504
1-200 people €1,200.0/month
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