WEPLUS Qingdao Shangshi Industrial Investment Center

WEPLUS Qingdao SIIC Center is located at 3F of the T3 Building of No. 195 Hong Kong East Road, Laoshan District. It enjoys a favorable location with Wushan at its east, Fushan at its west and Shilaoren Sea at its south. The SIIC center fully understand the essence of international first-class business operation. We take the global 5A grade as our standard. The center has unprecedented customized top-level quality decorations, including the T3 building which is a sea-view office buildings certified by LEED and is leading the future trend of Qingdao’s high-end business. WEPLUS combines the advantages of our buildings and the concept of co-working space to meet the requirements of all different enterprises, and provide the settled enterprises with support of office supply and related services. WEPLUS SIIC covers a total construction area of about 1800 square meters, thus it provides large enough space for the development of the settled enterprises. Welcome to visit WEPLUS SIIC in Qingdao.


Metro Bus: Beer City Station (102/313/382/386); Shenzhen Road Station and Miao Ling Road Station (501/623641)
Features Financial street, leisure area, complete facilities, sea-view terrace
More features Public front desk, conference room, coffee bar, game facilities, studio and so on

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WEPLUS Qingdao Shangshi Industrial Investment Center

Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Hong Kong East Road, No. 195, Shanghai Industrial Investment Center, Building 3, 3 floor

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