Beijing D9X Dream Lab

The "Dream Lab" is located in the 798 Art Park, where you can see the giant steel frame and chimney left in the old industrial age. It is the artistic coordinates of Beijing and is the gathering place for young people who love culture and art. There are many galleries, exhibition halls and Independent artist here. If work here, you can meet the pioneer designers within the country; If you work here, you can participate in design events and exhibitions every week ; If you work here, you will accept the influence of international design. The design teams settled in "Dream Lab" may come from different countries, different industries, with different design directions, but there is the fun of cross-border collision, and there are a lot of design training, sharing, salon, so that everyone can have fun together. We not only provide office space to the teams settled in, more importantly, we help teams find their ways out, we give them direct docking from the design needs of enterprises, so that they can break the barriers between different industries.


Metro Metro line 14 Gao Jia Yuan Station, bus: Wangyefen station, Dashanzi intersection south station, Beijing motor field station
Features Wangjing commercial district, large space, open office
More features public space

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Beijing D9X Dream Lab

Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing Fashion Design Plaza C11 Jia Yi New Product

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