WEPLUS Xi'an Greenfield Center

WEPLUS Xi'an is located in the highest office building of Xi'an High-tech Zone CBD. It is close to metro line 6 and is adjacent to the Green Holiday Hotel, Green Pico International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhengda Binfen City, and other well-known shopping districts.

The space overlooks the city of Xi'an, which served as the capital of thirteen dynasties.


Metro Metro line 6 (Zhang Ba Yi Road Station is going to open soon) Bus: 710 (Jin Ye 1 line Software Park Station), 411 (Jinye Road Station)
Features Independent space, event space, conference room
More features Air conditioning, projector, company registration, WI-FI, printer, cleaning, whiteboard

Space pictures


WEPLUS Xi'an Greenfield Center

31rd-32nd Floor, Greenland Center , 1 Jinye Road, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an

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