WEPLUS Ningbo NB-Cultural Square

The center is located in the Ningbo Cultural Square, with more than 3,800 square meters of double floor space. The center is in the central area with convenient transportation, facing the five-star Langham hotel, the Yintai City and the municipal government are to its east. In addition to open and independent offices, the center is also equipped with gym, coffee and water bar, studio, as well as courtyard, terrace which are surrounded by green plants, which is like natural oxygen bar. Let work and urban life be balanced, and work, life as well as socializing re-defined. The center creates new business office ecological circle. Space Address: No. 231 Zhongshan East Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo City, Ningbo Cultural Plaza A1-103-2-A1-202 shops. Prices: 800 RMB/ work station/month, two-people independent work station: 850 RMB/ work station/ month, independent office(6-20 people): from 6000 RMD/ month.


Metro Metro Line 1 Haiyan North Road Station
Features 交通便利、空间大、设施全、公共区域Convenient transportation, large space, complete facilities, multi-functional public areas, French windows
More features Public front desk, meeting room, oxygen bar, tea area, coffee bar, gym, shower and so on

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WEPLUS Ningbo NB-Cultural Square

No.311, Zhongshan East Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China Ningbo International Plaza A1-103-1-2 + A1-202 shops

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