WEPLUS Hangzhou Shuangcheng International

Our idea is to create a warm and collaborative environment and to create wealth and we take building up a utopian working community as the purpose. We give the teams that settle here enough participatory imagination in that we left a lot of blank spaces. Through blackboards, glass walls that can be written on as well as other forms, we want to achieve real-time sharing and collaboration. Here, people can make sandwiches and coffee together in the central kitchen, and we are pet-friendly. There are also outdoor rooftop sports garden. We strive to achieve the construction of a warm working community, to create a utopia for entrepreneurs! Space Address: Bin Jiang District Jianghan Road 1785 Shuangcheng International Block 2 Unit 2.


Metro Metro Line 1 Jiangling Road Station, Bus 138,195,1504 Bin Sheng Road Jianghan junction station
Features Light industry style, terrace, gym, studio, large conference room, CBD core business district
More features Public front desk, meeting room, terrace, tea area, coffee bar, game facilities, gym, shower room

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WEPLUS Hangzhou Shuangcheng International

Jianghan Road 1785 Shuangcheng International Block 2 Unit 2

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