WEPLUS Beijing SanYuan Bridge

Space Sleep Camp, Steve Jobs Meditation Room, Masters’ Lectures, Members’ Exclusive Café and China's First Commercial Space Lab. We offer the people with pop-up stores for them to achieve their business dreams. The Sanyuanqiao project is located in the third embassy district, and is close to the embassies of the United States, South Korea, France, Japan, Israel and other countries. It is at the first stop of the fast track of Beijing International Airport, is the connection point of Beijing’s and international business. Space Address: Chaoyang District, No. 66 of Xia Guang Li, Ocean Shinkansen D Block, bottom floor. Conspicuous landmark: oak mansion building. Subway: Line 10 Sanyuanqiao C exit. Bus: Sanyuanqiao Station(95;131;300;302;359;401;403;404;419;536;641;671;847;848;850;852;855;867;915;916;918;935;936;942;980;985; Varnish; Airport Express Fang Zhuang Line; Airport Express Xidan Night Line; Fast direct line 19; Fast direct line 72; Special line 8; Night line 30; Night; Yun Tong 104)


Metro Subway Line 10 Sanyuanqiao Station International Airport Express Rail First Station
Features Convenient transportation, active atmosphere, complete facilities, commodious outdoor space
More features Meeting room, tea area, coffee bar, game facilities, capsule, meditation room, road hall, etc.

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WEPLUS Beijing SanYuan Bridge

Chaoyang District, Beijing Xiaguan Lane 66, the first branch of the ocean trunk line D

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