WEPLUS Shanghai Daning

Ever since its emergence, the AR / VR tide has swept the whole world, and has kept its high momentum. Thus WEPLUS has purposely created the first AR / VR theme space in Shanghai. Together with other rich media resources such as the media industrial park and the Vancouver Film School of Shanghai University, we are committed to attracting the elite of the AR / VR industry of Shanghai, integrating and promoting the upstream and downstream resources to create the most suitable industrial ecosystem for the development of AR / VR industry in Shanghai. Space Address: 315 Yuncheng Road, Jing'an District, 3-5 Floors


Metro Metro Line 1 Extension Road Station/ Shanghai Circus City Station
Features AR / VR theme, rich in media resources, complete facilities
More features Front desk, conference room, tea area, recreational area, telephone booth, all-in-one copy machine and so on

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WEPLUS Shanghai Daning

Shanghai Yuncheng Road No.265, 3-5 Floor (near Yichuan Road)

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